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Cwedit, the simple way to review your credit prowess

Ensuring Aussies can take control and feel good about their credit all in one beautiful app.


Launching Soon!

Our Mission

Our Misson

Together, Cwedit can




Australians to make better financial decisions impacting their borrowing power.

How it Works

How it Works

We securely aggregate data on your financial position including your credit score, loan repayment history and income to provide you with:

Cwedit Power Rating

Are you currently a credit unicorn or a no-hoper?

Understand and easily track your credit rating because it's super important.

Tips on How to Improve Your Rating

Not yet a credit unicorn? We provide you with easy to understand tips to improve on the various areas that contribute to your rating.

Guide on How to Haggle with Your Lender

Are you currently paying too much? Most likely yes. We provide you with an easy guide to haggle a lower rate. The better your rating, the better your chances!

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