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where credit cards

go to die. 🔫 💳 ⚰️

Credit card assassin available for hire since 2020...

Our Mission

Cwedit Manifesto

We're on a mission to universally eliminate

all credit card debt.

How it Works

How it Works

No Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning bullshit here.

Just hardcore planning and execution.

Target Chosen

No multi-tasking or loose timeframes.

We lock in a single target and timeline for death.


We kill with additional repayments. Whether it's a slow torturous death or a quick kill is up to you.

The Clean Up

Another target is chosen until all credit cards reaches its timely death.

Kill Now

Before it Kills You

$50 Fee per Credit Card

Half at 2 weeks. Half at completion of Kill

Thanks for submitting!

  Tel: +61 401 135 790   |   eric@cwedit .com | Australian Assassin Available for Hire Globally

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