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The Closest Thing to Growing Money on Trees

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If money did indeed grow on trees, the pilea peperomioides would be darn close. Better known as the chinese money plant with her glossy coin-shaped leaves, this gem has been one of the hottest houseplants to have (and keep alive) on your coffee table over the past few years.

Money however does not grow on trees (unless you’ve been puffing the magic dragon) but I’ve noticed a few similarities between raising plants and growing wealth recently.

Slow growth.

Plants take time to grow. New leaves and flowers may look like it sprouted overnight, but theres much more that happens behind the scenes thats taken months and sometimes years to set the foundation. This is the case too with money. There are no get rich quick themes. Lay out the groundwork and be patient.


For plants to thrive, they need to right combination of light, water and nutrients. You might be overwatering or need to change the location of the plant. Different plants have different needs just like our own financial circumstances. The right combination of income, expenditure and investing will help us thrive financially. Its important for us to experiment with what works for us financially and continually adapt to what our goals in life are.

Accepting failure.

Plants will sometimes die despite your best intention. You may slip up on some of your money goals. Don’t be down on yourself for too long. Acknowledge that you may need to do some minor tweaks with your actions to give yourself a better chance of succeeding next time. It’s OK — pick yourself up, let go of the past and step into the future.


There are so many sources of information for anything today. Even Instagram can be a source of education and information. It is easy to get information overload and suffer from analysis paralysis though. So it’s important to pick the few sources that align with your values and put that new knowledge into action.


I find tending to my houseplants helps me de-stress from a demanding job and career. Being able to take my mind off work and my eyes off the phone is good for my mental wellbeing and this little (and growing hobby) of mine has definitely worked wonders for me. Similarly if you are experiencing financial stress, you need to understand the triggers and ways of relieving them.

So until next time…..

FYI: Just like plants need the right combo of light, water and nutrients to kick ass, see if you have the right financial combo to haggle for a better home loan rate by checking out my soon to launch startup Cwedit, and joining the waitlist.

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